Leave provisions refers to any leave an employee is entitled to under their particular industry’s instrument. In Australia, under instruments such as The Fair Work Act (FW Act) and the National Employment Standards (NES), employees are entitled to:

  • annual leave;
  • parental leave;
  • long service leave;
  • personal/carer’s leave;
  • compassionate leave; and
  • community service leave.

Paid annual leave entitlements for national system employees are governed by the National Employment Standards. For each year of service with his or her employer, an employee is entitled to 4 weeks of paid annual leave. The entitlement to paid annual leave accrues progressively during a year of service according to the employee's ordinary hours of work

Parental leave is an employee’s entitlement to time off work to care for a child. Employees have two types of parental leave entitlements, paid parental leave and unpaid parental leave. The Federal Government’s PPL scheme provides employees with payment for leave for up to 18 weeks at the national minimum wage rate of $694.90 per week.

Long service leave (LSL) is paid leave available to employees who have worked for the same employer over a long period of time (between 7 and 15 years depending on which State or Territory legislation applies).

Personal/carer’s leave refers to:

  • paid leave due to personal illness or injury (personal or sick leave); and
  • paid or unpaid leave to provide care and support to a member of the employee’s immediate family or a member of the employee’s household (carer’s leave).

Whereas compassionate leave is paid leave that an employee is entitled to in the event of the death or serious illness or injury of a member of their immediate family or household.

Community service leave is an entitlement to be absent from employment when engaging in an eligible community service activity such as:

  • a voluntary emergency management activity;
  • jury service, including attendance for jury selection; and

an activity that is of a community service nature prescribed by regulations (as at March 2015, the Fair Work Regulations 2009 (Cth) (FW Regulations) have not prescribed any such activity).


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