Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting qualified people for a specific job. The recruitment process takes between 45 and 50 hours for an average position, i.e. a position with a full-time salary of between $40,000 and 60,000; and approximately 70 hours for middle-management positions.

The recruitment process involves the following steps:

  • identifying a staffing need;
  • conducting a job analysis;
  • advertising the position;
  • screening applicants;
  • interviewing applicants;
  • reference checking;
  • conducting other pre-employment screening (if relevant);
  • making the final selection; and
  • inducting the new employee.

An induction is the process of introducing new employees the business, their work, supervisors, co-workers, and workplace policies and procedures. This is a legal requirement under health and safety legislation in all jurisdictions. As an employer, you will be liable for the conduct of your employees with respect to:

  • working safely;
  • discriminatory behaviour;
  • bullying; and
  • sexual harassment.

You will mitigate your liability if you can demonstrate that when the employee first joined your organisation you made them familiar with your business’ workplace policies and procedures.

Inductions should also include an introduction to cultural norms within the business. For example, do employees tend to take coffee breaks at certain times, or are there areas of the office where people prefer quiet? Proper inductions help a new employee to settle in and learn the new role they are to perform.


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