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An industrial instrument is any legislation or award, order, determination or industrial agreement in force under Australian legislation.

The most notable ones include The Fair Work Act, enterprise agreements, and modern awards.

The Fair Work Act (FW Act) uses Commonwealth constitutional powers to extend its operation as far as possible. This includes the power to make laws:

An enterprise agreement (or collective agreement) is an agreement made between a national system employer and some or all of its employees who are employed at the time the agreement is made.

A modern award is an instrument that records the minimum conditions of employment for employees it covers. These conditions are enforceable under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act). In Australia, there 122 modern awards.

The minimum conditions provided under these instruments apply automatically and cannot be overridden by any other arrangement between the employer and an employee.

Industrial instruments help protect employers and employees from discrimination and health and safety violations, as well as ensuring equal pay and leave provisions.


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Modern Awards

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Commissioner seeks ‘robust consequences’ for employees who waste FWC time

Industrial Instruments

In Diane Porteous v G. Kakafikas and A.G. Bek partnership t/a Yarra Glen Pharmacy (2019), Fair Work Commission (FWC) Deputy President Alan Colman called to task an employee for wasting the time of the Commission and her employer. Deputy President […]

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Industrial Instruments

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Confusion over casual employee entitlements still remains after Workpac decision

Industrial Instruments

Since the Full Federal Court decision in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene (2018) there remains significant uncertainty as to what is a casual employee for purposes of NES paid leave entitlements. According to WorkPac, a casual will in fact be […]

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Federal Court shines a light on piece rates

Industrial Instruments

Some modern awards provide for an employer to agree to pay employees a piecework rate.  A piecework rate is an amount paid on completion of a specified task. For instance the Horticulture Award provides that an employer and an employee […]

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ANZ employee does not have to move branches, FWC rules

Industrial Instruments

ANZ Bank has been refused permission to appeal against a Fair Work Commission (FWC) decision that a bank teller could not be made to relocate to a more distant branch. The 68-year-old employee, who suffers from arthritis, was told that […]

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HR administrator ignores call from the FWC

Industrial Instruments

Bakers Delight may now have become ‘bakers’ dismay’ for many of its employees in New South Wales, because of an HR administrator who was apparently too busy to answer a scheduled call from the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The HR […]

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Industrial Instruments

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