A modern award is an instrument that records the minimum conditions of employment for employees it covers. These conditions are enforceable under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act). In Australia, there 122 modern awards.

A modern award will apply to your employees if you are a national system employer and:

  • you employ a person within the coverage clause of the award; and
  • the employee falls within the award classifications.

Modern awards are generally national, rather than confined to State or Territory boundaries.

However, if you are a private sector employer in Western Australia and not a constitutional corporation, the only awards that apply to you will be State awards (the coverage of which depends on their scope).

Each modern award includes classification levels. The primary consideration when determining an employee’s modern award classification is the skill or competency level required in the type of work the employee performs – not the actual duties they perform in their role.

Modern award classification levels often provide a list of typical duties or skills for each classification level. However, these are not exhaustive and are a guide only.

Employees at any particular level may not perform all of the duties or use all of the skills described in their classification. Additionally, employees at a particular classification level may be expected to undertake duties of any level lower than their own.

Most modern awards require you to state the award classification for each employee in writing. You can state this in:

  • new employees’ letters of engagement or pay slips; or
  • the memos you issue at existing employees’ next salary reviews.

However, you may prevent a modern award from applying to an eligible employee’s employment by entering into a guarantee of annual earnings with them.


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