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8 Ways the Employment Law Practical Handbook Can Help Your Business Stay On Top of Employment Law Australia

  1. If employment laws change, you’ll know about it – instantly

If you’re worried that your handbook will be obsolete within a couple of months, don’t be! The Employment Law Practical Handbook is regularly updated to ensure you are kept fully aware of important changes to Australia’s IR legislation and how they will affect you – as they happen.

You’ll receive updates approximately every 8 weeks which you simply slot into your handbook – so you can be sure that your Employment Law Practical Handbook will always be up-to-date. Each update is approximately 80-100 pages in length and is priced at just $97. When you consider the cost of getting caught out by changes to employment laws, this tiny fee is really just a drop in the bucket!

  1. It’s like having a panel of qualified employment law experts on hand 24/7

Our authors are top-class labour law experts, with extensive experience in their respective fields. Who better to advise you than those who have decades of experience helping employers? And that’s not all – every piece of information contained in the handbook is verified by independent consultants, so you can rely 100% on the quality of advice given in the Employment Law Practical Handbook.

  1. If you ever have an employment law question you can’t find the answer to in your handbook, you can email our team of experts and get an answer within 72 hours – for free!

As a paid-up subscriber to the handbook, you will have access to the invaluable service, the Workplace Helpdesk. This is one of the most useful benefits of your subscription – and it’s completely free, yours to use as regularly as you want.

Whenever you have a legal issue at work – however small – and you need to be absolutely sure you’re on a sound footing before acting, just email the Workplace Helpdesk with your query and our employment law experts will get back to you with an answer within 72 hours – GUARANTEED.

It doesn’t matter which area of Australian employment legislation your question relates to – or how insignificant you think it is – by emailing us, you’ll know you can be 100% sure of the action to take, and you’ll be able to move forward with complete confidence.

  1. You’ll save time and money with our FREE sample forms, contracts and templates, such as a common law employment contract template

The Employment Law Practical Handbook contains over 20 ready-made, legally correct, contract, agreement, policy and form templates that you can copy and use in your workplace – with 100% confidence.

They’ll save you the trouble of writing and developing your own from scratch, and it doesn’t matter how qualified, comfortable or confident you are… it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got hundreds of dollars to spend on getting a law professional to draw up contracts for you – or to make minor changes to existing ones… just copy the ‘good-to-go’ form you need, fill in the gaps, and use it as many times as you like!

  1. Our practical advice and easy-to-follow instructions will make complying with employment laws easy

All the information in the Employment Law Practical Handbook is clear and easy-to-follow, so you can rest assured you have covered all the bases.

  • Step-by-step instructions take you through every stage of compulsory legal procedures.
  • Checklists ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  • Real life examples give you a clear picture of what to do in scenarios you encounter on a daily basis.
  • Handy tips give you practical, actionable advice.

And not only that – the layout of the Employment Law Practical Handbook has been designed especially for easy use, with each section clearly referenced. If you can find what you’re looking for quicker, you can deal with any issues quicker – meaning you spend less time bogged down in procedure, and more time delivering a great performance at work.

  1. You’ll stay on top of important deadlines with the FREE twice-weekly e-letter, the Workplace Bulletin

When you take a 14-day free trial of the Employment Law Practical Handbook, you will receive a FREE subscription to the twice weekly e-letter, the Workplace Bulletin.

The Bulletin is packed full of even more labour law tips and advice – plus alerts of any important changes on the horizon. The Workplace Bulletin will keep you completely up-to-date with developments in employment law if they arise between updates and will also offer you practical, actionable labour law tips you can implement in your workplace immediately.

The Workplace Bulletin is written in plain English – so it will only take you a few minutes to read – but the important information it contains will help keep you and your business on the right side of the law.

  1. You’ll get a FREE copy of the report How to Stop Stress Claims Costing Your Company Money

When you order your FREE 14-day trial of the Employment Law Practical Handbook, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of the report How to Stop Stress Claims Costing Your Company Money. It will show you exactly what you can do to prevent stress in the workplace – and how to deal with stress claims swiftly, sensitively and legally when they arise.

We normally sell How to Stop Stress Claims Costing Your Company Money for $34.95. But it’s yours for free – and to keep – when you take a 14-day free trial of the Employment Law Practical Handbook – regardless of whether you stay on as a subscriber!

  1. You’ll be able to test run the handbook in your workplace FREE for 14 days

When you order the Employment Law Practical Handbook on a free 14-day trial period, you’ll have two full weeks to review it at your leisure and see exactly how you could put it to use in your workplace.

Then you have two choices: if you wish to keep the handbook and get our regular updates, simply pay the invoice of $197 (incl. GST) included with the welcome package. Or, if you decide the handbook isn’t for you, just rip up the invoice and return the handbook to us – no questions asked!