Social Media and the Law

Social Media and the Law
There’s no doubt that social media can be a powerful tool for your business.

It gives you the ability to connect with your customers, generate sales and build your brand online – regardless of your budget.

But despite all the advantages, social media can also create a legal nightmare for your business.

You only have to look at the increasing number of social media related legal disputes being heard in our courts…

Social Media and the Law 2014: Managing the Legal Risks for Your Business is a 40-page eBook written by Employment Law Practical Handbook Editor-in-Chief Charles Power. It details all the legal precautions you need to take when managing social media use in your workplace and will guide you through the steps of drafting a legally sound social media policy.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in Social Media and the Law 2014:

  • The legal risks your business faces due to social media – and how to minimise them
  • What to do if your employees breach your business’ confidential information on social media
  • When your business can be held liable for publishing misleading or deceptive information on social media
  • The steps you need to be taking to prevent bullying, discrimination and harassment occurring via social media
  • How to legally regulate your employees’ social media use
  • What you need to include in your social media policy and how to implement it effectively

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