Your questions answered: Can we arrange a disciplinary meeting for an employee on leave caring for a dying parent?

By Portner Press on November 11th, 2019
  1. Employee Management
  2. Leave Provisions

I have an employee on approved leave without pay to care for a dying parent.

The employee was subject to a disciplinary issue prior to them commencing leave which has not been resolved to my satisfaction.

Can I issue a request to attend a further disciplinary meeting (timed to be on resumption from leave) while the employee is still on leave – or must I wait until they return?

While it is preferable to not contact employees while they are on leave, you can do so if necessary. You should consider the best way to contact the employee given that the circumstances might be difficult (e.g. perhaps through another family member?).

As you know, an employee exercising their entitlement to use carer’s leave is a protected benefit, so you should ensure you have written evidence to show that any action taken against the employee (such as a warning or dismissal) was for a valid reason, not because they took leave (or any other prohibited reason).

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