Your questions answered: Can we reduce a full-time employee’s hours?

By Portner Press on September 28th, 2018
  1. Termination of Employment
  2. Redundancy


We have an employee who has worked for us on a full-time basis for around 20 years. However, these full-time hours are conducted within 4.5 days. He has recently been on leave and it has become clear that the half day he performs on a Friday really isn’t necessary. Can we reduce his hours?


You cannot reduce an employee’s hours from full-time to part-time unless they agree.

However, if the reason for doing this is that his full-time hours are not required and the employee refuses to reduce his hours, it will be a redundancy.

This won’t be an unfair dismissal if the reason is genuine (e.g. you are not targeting a mature-aged worker) and you consult with the employee before implementing it.

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