Your questions answered: Do employees need to provide evidence for carer’s leave?

By Portner Press on December 17th, 2019
  1. Employee Management
  2. Leave Provisions

Our employee took a day off to be with her mother after her mother’s sister died.

It is not compassionate leave as the aunt was outside the “immediate” family, but we’re not sure whether it is carer’s leave – as it wasn’t because of “an illness, injury, or unexpected emergency affecting the member”.

We are inclined to think it is annual leave. Our employee does not live with her mother – who we gather is very independent, but undoubtedly she was very sad and distressed after receiving the news.

Can you advise us as to the appropriate leave, and what evidence or otherwise might be required?

It could arguably be seen as carer’s leave in that she has taken the time off to care for her mother (who is an immediate family member), who has been affected due to an “unexpected emergency”. Otherwise annual leave would also be appropriate.

Evidence is not required on every occasion leave is taken. However, if you wish to insist upon it, a statutory declaration may be most appropriate in the circumstances.


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