Your questions answered: What can we do if management won’t address bullying?

By Portner Press on July 12th, 2019
  1. Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination
  2. Bullying in the workplace

We have reported a bullying manager to HR. However, she will only change her behaviour for a period of time before reverting back to bullying.

Nothing seems to happen when she is reported, and it’s not just one person she bullies, but pretty much all her staff, at different times.

What further action can be taken? We are based in Victoria.

You should refer to the policy in your organisation which should set out a process to raise complaints about bullying or discriminatory behaviour.

If there is no such policy then an employee can approach an external agency such as the Fair Work Commission (FWC) or WorkSafe Victoria for bullying, or the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission for discrimination.

There are legal protections in place that prevent an employee from being harmed in their employment for making such queries or complaints, for example the FWC has the power to make a stop bullying order that must be complied with.

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