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Do we have pay workers on time when they enter their timesheets late?

Question: We have an issue with part-time and casual employees who are frequently not lodging their timesheets by the deadline for the pay run, resulting in them missing being paid at the same time as other employees. Even though this is the case, they still expect to be paid the next day.

Our employees are paid for travel time between clients and their mileage allowances vary considerably from fortnight to fortnight, so it is not possible to accurately pay them without a timesheet.

Is there a prescribed maximum amount of time between the close of a pay period and when an employee is paid (the relevant award does not specify)?

Are we obliged to estimate what an employee should be paid if we don’t have a timesheet in time for the pay run?

Are we entitled to delay payment to employees who do not lodge their timesheet by the payroll deadline until the next pay run (potentially a fortnight later) or do we have to pay them as soon as they lodge their late timesheet?

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