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Employment contracts: Drafting a legally enforceable contract

Last updated April 2024

This chapter explains the different employment contracts you can use for different types of employment relationships, and how to ensure your contracts are legally enforceable.

What is an employment contract?

Definition: Employment Contract

An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee that specifies working obligations and entitlements.

You can have an employment contract for people who are employed on a permanent (ongoing) basis.

Tip: Usually the term ‘permanent’ is used to distinguish a full-time (at least 38 ordinary hours per week) or part-time employee from a casual employee.
Important: Permanent employees are entitled to notice of dismissal, redundancy pay and paid leave entitlements.

Click here for a template ongoing employment contract.

You can also have an employment contract for people who are employed:

  • for a limited time;
  • on a casual basis;
  • for seasonal or piecework; and
  • in a secondment situation.