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Last updated July 2024

This chapter explains the steps you need to take during the recruitment process, and how to comply with your legal obligations and minimise your legal exposure when recruiting.

What is involved in the recruitment process?

Definition: Recruitment

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening and selecting qualified people for a specific job.

The recruitment process will usually take:

  • between 45 and 50 hours for an average position; and
  • approximately 70 hours for middle-management positions.
Important: These estimated hourly rates do not take into account a senior management role or an agency search. They also do not allow for unexpected delays.

The process can be delayed for many reasons, including:

  • the availability of applicants and management to attend interviews;
  • delays in obtaining criminal records and pre-employment medical checks, as these depend on the workloads of professionals outside your business; and
  • the quality of applicants you receive, e.g. if all applicants are of a high standard you may require more interviews and more time to make a final decision, or if all are unsuitable, you may need to start the recruitment process again.