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Long service leave

Last updated May 2024

This chapter explains employees’ long service leave entitlements in each state and territory.

Long service leave obligations

Definition: Long Service Leave

Long service leave (LSL) is paid leave available to employees who have worked for the same employer over a long period of time (between 7 and 15 years, depending on which state or territory legislation applies).

You must provide paid LSL in accordance with the relevant legislation or other instrument to eligible employees.

All employees will be eligible to receive LSL, including:

  • full-time employees;
  • part-time employees; and
  • casual and seasonal employees (subject to rules operating in your jurisdiction about breaks in service).

Workers who are not employees, such as volunteers and independent contractors, will not be eligible for LSL.

Important: Under LSL legislation in each jurisdiction, you are required to keep a record of LSL accrual details for each employee and retain LSL records for at least 7 years (depending on your state or territory) after the employee’s employment ceases.
Caution: Failing to meet your LSL obligations may result in penalties.