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Pre-employment screening

Last updated January 2024

This chapter explains pre-employment screening methods you might use, and your legal obligations and risks through the screening process.

Why should you undertake pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening is a vital component of the recruitment process.

Definition: Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is a process employers can use to assess the suitability of prospective employees.

A structured and consistent pre-employment screening process ensures that each job candidate goes through the same process. This helps to determine the applicant best suited for the role you are trying to fill.

Important: Your aim in all recruitment procedures should be to ensure the consistent treatment of all candidates.

How to determine which pre-employment screening methods to use

The pre-employment screening process may involve one or more screening methods, such as:

  • background and identification checks;
  • medical examinations;
  • immigration status checks;
  • pre-employment assessment and profiling; and
  • criminal record checks.