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Gender equality reporting

Last updated February 2021

This chapter explains your gender equality reporting obligations and takes you step by step through how to submit a gender equality report.

Are you required to submit gender equality reports?

You are required to submit gender equality reports if you are:

  • a registered higher education provider that is an employer; or
  • a non-public sector employer with 100 or more employees in Australia.
Tip: When counting your employees to determine if you have 100 or more, you must include those employed in Australia by a company that is a subsidiary of your company. A company will be a subsidiary if your company:
- controls the composition of that company’s board;
- controls more than 50% of the votes that might be cast at the other company’s general meeting; or
- holds more than 50% of the shares of the other company.
Remember: Once you become a ‘reporting business’, you must continue to report unless and until the number of your employees falls below 80.